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Softcat | VMware - Executing a Modern Applications Strategy (with VMware Tanzu)
Should you retire a legacy application? Move to SaaS? Re-platform to Cloud? What about rearchitecting on to containers?

Join us as we delve into and demystify DevOps with the wonderful Michael Cote from VMware. In this short Webinar, we will explore the rationale behind modernising an application estate, where microservices and containers fit in and share some industry success stories.

Introduction from Softcat
Application Reformation: The Five R's
Microservices & Containers: Agility Reimagined
Common Customer Experiences

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Michael Coté
Staff Technologist @VMware
Michael Coté studies how large organizations get better at building software to run smoother and grow their business. His books Changing Mindsets, Monolithic Transformation, and The Business Bottleneck cover these topics. He’s been an industry analyst at RedMonk and 451 Research, done corporate strategy and M&A, and was a programmer. He also co-hosts several podcasts, including Software Defined Talk.
Richard Fraser
VMware Tanzu Business Manager @Softcat
Dean Gardner
Field Chief Technology Officer @Softcat